June 2010 Pushing Up Daisies

The Pushing Up Daisies Cards - featuring either a Boston Terrier or French Bulldog - did fairly better for the month of June (May was sad ::insert unhappy clown frowny face::). Thank you to everyone who bought a card!

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French Bulldog Pop Up Card raised 55 dollars.
Boston Terrier Pop Up Card raised 91 dollars.

Also - The shop decided to donate a few extra monies ($40) from the general shop profits to a pup in need. Read below or click here to learn more about Buddy Sue!

Buddy Sue is a four month old puppy who has a pinched nerve in his back, which doesn't allow him to feel when he goes potty. He has to wear a diaper at this time, and be helped, manually, to potty. The good news is, Buddy can have surgery, but the surgery is going to cost at least $1500.00, but may be closer to $2000.00. Please help Buddy Sue lead a normal life. You can also donate directly to Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue at Please note in the comments that your donation should go towards Buddy Sue's surgery.

If you'd like to purchase a Pushing Up Daisies pop up card, please visit the shop links below!
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