May 2010 Pushing Up Daisies

Sadly because both the Crankbunny Etsy shop and regular Crankbunny shop were closed most of May (May 2nd to May 18th) and the fact that the rescue cards have lost a bit of traction - the donations for May were quiet low.

Please do remember all the sales of the Pushing Up Daisies pop up card go directly to the following rescue groups for French Bulldogs (FBRN) and Boston Terriers (BTRN)! (100% - none of that 25%, 50% nonsense).

French Bulldog Pop Up Card raised 32 dollars.
(Last month was 85)

Boston Terrier Pop Up Card raised 53 dollars.
(Last month was 112)

If you'd like to purchase a Pushing Up Daisies pop up card, please visit the shop links below!
Crankbunny Shop - or - Etsy Crankbunny Shop

In fact, so low where the donations for the French Bulldog Rescue Network that I was so inclined to purchase a nifty Puppia soft harnesses harness for my own dog(that will be needed in the future).

Puppia Harnesses

Available for 22$ (postage paid) - That's actually a nice deal! Free shipping! They have all sorts of colors available too, apparently brown is a big deal. Pink is way better!

Both the FBRN & BTRN have their online shops that sell some great goodies - and it will help those doogies in need directly. Below are links to their shops to def check out.

From the FBRN Shop - click here!
From the BTRN Shop - click here!