Pushing Up Daisies Dog Pop Up Cards

New pop up cards!

These pop up cards are very special because not only do they feature a Boston Terrier and French Bulldog fatty in a field of daisies - but sales of this card will go directly to two doggy rescue groups - The French Bulldog Rescue Network and the BTRN (Boston Terrier Rescue Net).

There is a specific personal reason why I'm doing these cards. This summer my Boston Terrier passed away at 12 from congestive heart failure. She was a very special gal and I was very luckily to have her by my side, day by day for 12 years. Soda was actually diagnosed with a typical BT cancer - mast cell tumor at the age of 6. She lived a very long life considering what vets / cancer specialists told me (its a tricky type of cancer... so they can't tell you much really).

To honor her mainly - and my new buddy Gilda who is a French Bulldog - I decided create this set of pop up cards.

The pop up card is a regular 5x7 A7 card that opens to reveal a Boston Terrier in a field of daisies or a French Bulldog in a field of daisies. Each card comes with a matching transparent vellum envelope. There is plenty of room on the inside for writing and a perfect card for lifting someone's spirits.

The entire sale of this card will benefit these two rescue group. They do a lot fostering and caring of dogs which are left homeless many times because of medical (due to irresponsible breeding and genetic issues) and temperament (abuse and neglect) issues.

The donation will be specific to which card bought unless you let me know to split each up.
Example A - Mary Joe buys 1 Boston Terrier Pushing Up Daisies Pop Up Card = the BTRN group gets 8 dollars.
Example B - Elizabet Jones buys 1 French Bulldog Pushing Up Daisies Pop Up Card, but lets me know through email / buyers notes she wants it split = the BTRN gets 4 dollars / the FBRN gets 4 dollars.
Easy as apple pie!

Each month I will post a tally of proceeds that each rescue group gets as a donation. They are also receiving a huge batch of free cards in November to sell and use.

Each card is 8.00 US Dollars and is available at my Etsy Crankbunny shop or my regular Crankbunny Online Store.

Wanna know the difference between a Boston Terrier & a French Bulldog - watch these videos!