October - Pushing Up Daisies Proceeds

The Pushing Up Daisies Cards - featuring either a Boston Terrier or French Bulldog - were brand new and up for sale only about 2 weeks in October, but they raised some great funding for doggies in need! Check out the following numbers below (which are really great considering I haven't had the chance to really push and promote them!).

French Bulldog Pop Up Card raised 161 dollars.
Boston Terrier Pop Up Card rasied 84 dollars.

Both my shops are currently closed for most of November, but I'm planning hard to make the Pushing Up Daisies doggy cards available asap. Just sorting out some work stuff (my job has me working remotely) so I can get those up and available again. I'll be donating a huge batch also to the rescue groups -- just a matter of juggling a timework really.