Back on track... sort of!

Updates! & more updates!

Apparently my blog was being held hostage by when it would magically reload itself and take everyone to that site! I found the culprit and had to remove all instances of the Handmade Moment "Robot gets its wings!" BUT you can still view the movie here --

Both my Etsy and regular Crankbunny shops are back open! They will only be selling greeting cards, ornaments, and the occasional paper puppet book for the moment. I will not be making paper puppets till next year in 2010 (which is really scary to type as a date).

My main focus this holiday will be getting rest (november was a doosy at work!) and promoting the doggy rescue pop up card cause. I will ALSO be sending out a neato email newsletter December 1st to keep everyone up to speed and let them know whats going down Crankbunny wise this holiday season!