Back at yah!

Woo! So, finally my real job... yes, that one that involves animating nonstop for 35 days?(whos counting) is done! With that - both the Crankbunny shops on bigcartel & Etsy are now open! Yes!

To make this post maybe a little more exciting than a kind reminder of the shops - I've decided to give a peak at the new paper fabergé eggs that will be rolling out soon. (Get it... eggs, rolling... ok, FAIL).

Paper Puppet Fabergé Egg Ornaments

I love frabrege eggs - especially all the ways they are decorated and designed. Can I afford a real one though? Um no. And who really wants just one, you generally want a bunch to dazzle and delight with!

These paper eggs are decorative ornaments, but they are also paper puppets. Each egg holds and can come to life with fun ornamental character - just like a real fabergé egg would!

These are sneak peak photos - more info will be available soon. Better photos, packaging, all that good stuff!