Magical Eggs of Festiveness

So finally time (that evil mistress and/or gigolo) has allowed me to deal with my wonderful lovely decorate egg paper ornaments.

Each decorative Faberge paper egg is beautifully detailed - but is also able to magically transform into a fun paper puppet character. There is a Honey Bear, a Russian doll, an Angel, and a Snowflake God. Each character is ready for some holiday madness and holds it's own small golden egg.

The paper puppet egg ornaments will start shipping November 1st - just in time for the holiday season. Decorate your home, office, some one's desk, loved one's TP stand - hello, these ornaments can make a nifty home everywhere and a simple unique gift for anyone!

Each 3 x 5inch-ish egg is cut, handmade out of paper, hung with golden fabric ribbon and packaged in it's own clear cellophane with sparkly brown backing. Perfect as a lone gift or an additional add-on to that big box you've just wrapped up. There will be complete sets available too!

Pre-sales and many more pictures are up at the Crankbunny shop for the ornaments now. Check it out! Click here! Ornaments start to ship November 1st! (And will also be priced regularly then too)