Le Return of the Gift Set!

Once in awhile I like to bring back the Crankbunny Pop Up Card Gift Set Pack and release it into the stream of shop things. Can you say SUMMER SAVINGS? Yes you can after unlodging that corn on the cob well jammed into your mouth (the BBQ stained cheeks look lovely BTW).

The gift sets are great for someone who loves stationary sets AND pop up cards. Also, it is a perfect way to keep cards handy for any unplanned, slightly forgotten (whoops!) or surprise personal occasions. Let's face it, something always comes up and you always look awesome when showing up with an amazing non-gas station card.

The packs are 18.50 and when you do the math that's $6.XX somethingish per card! Cards are usually 8 dollars when sold individually.

I always try to switch up the packs every time they are introduced back into the shop. There are now four different sets that cover anything from congratulations - get well soon - happy birthday - weddings - and woo baby! This is also the first time I'll be including the Butterfly Pop Up Card into the sets.

Here are the following combinations:

Special Delivery Stork Card,
Fishhead Pop Up Card,
Sacred Heart Pop Up Card

Red Flowery Pop Up Card,
Peacocky Card,
Sacred Heart Pop Up Card

Butterfly Pop Up Card,
Peacocky Card,
Fish Head Pop Up Card

White Flowery Pop Up Card,
Peacocky Card,
Butterfly Pop Up Card

The Pop Up Card Gift Sets are only available in the Etsy store -