a tweet, a twit, a twaa....

There has been a "Crankbunny" twitter feed for awhile now - like a year or so. It was used back then to do something else which is why its filled with a bunch of random thoughts....

Thoughts like:
"I was that first monkey to touch the monolith - delinquent up in that crack like white squaw for the weekend, and I sunk your battleship."
"I have completed your request to pass the request.... comcast livechat obiwan"
** One has to do with a live internet chat cable company customer representative, one refers to something silly said to the Goth Detectives on a British Pop Quiz TV show, and the other is just rap lyrics.

The feed is now going to be used more "productively"(whatever that means). It will still have random thoughts.. gotta have the random thoughts.. and also updates to new blog posts, shop updates, sneak peaks, animation, etc. It's like the supersonic connection.

So feel free to "Follow" Crankbunny antics on twitter HERE (or use the side button thats located somewhere on the right of this page - Look out for a fishhead with some phonographs)