Featured : Butterfly Flying Flapping Pop Up Card

The Featured post is meant to review and take a good look- in fact!- a better look at some of the products sold in the Crankbunny shop using private incite (oooo saucy!),photos, videos or any technology I can get my grubby hands on.

Flapping Butterfly Popup card
This earthy brown 3D card is of a garden with a beautiful butterfly that flaps and flies when you pull the tab back and forth. The tab is a small hinged leaf which turns out. One of the larger leafs also folds out to a white area where you can write something special.

This is one of the more tedious cards to put together. Time and all those little pieces to cut out and NOT LOOSE - but I do like making this card because it comes out so pretty. It's also uses a delicate paper mechanism to make the wings move so it should not be mailed by itself through USPS.

Did you know.. There is a supersize me version of this card? There's the regular Butterfly popup card and then there's the super sexy fancy SPARKLE Butterfly popup card! The Sparkle version is alot like the regular except there's alot more glam to it. The envelope and backing is iridescent. Each card is detailed by hand with subtle glitter in different matching colors.

Video! Describing how some of the Crankbunny cards work is sometimes difficult... Flapping? Does it fly off the card... I don't get it?! Hey sometimes my flapping isn't so butterfly-ie!? I'm confused! Video makes it so much easier...

Here's also a little tip on getting your butterfly to flap and fluttery at its most optimum levels!

Perfect for...
People like to send this card to relatives and friends as a general 'thinking of you', 'get well soon', or a simple thoughtful gift (aunt's bdays, coworkers, etc). People write back how happy and delighted was because of how unexpected the card is - which is so awesome! (Honestly, no one ever comes up to me and tells me how that diet commercial I happen to animate moved them so much... seriously, TMI).