all the ladies in da houssseee...

First off, this particular lady that's doing the writing is sick. Magically (and not delicious) I woke up with weirdo virus/flu/headachey type symptoms. But anyhoo - I'd still like to introduce two new paper puppet ladies. Lady Fish now has two new friends...she was lonely being the only half female/half animal freak in town.

What I love about these types of paper puppet dolls is how many joints they end up having. There is something so cool about positioning all the arms, legs, head, etc in various different ways with your own fingers.

Lady Spider : A very docile species of spider, this lady prefers to quietly string up golden webs from a heart. The only real way of upsetting her comes from any near hum or sing-song of the "Itsy Bitsy Spider".

I have a thing with spiders and they've showed up alot in my animation work. Lady Spider is a paper puppet doll that is very large. She's basically around the size of an 11 x17 poster - wow! She's my new favorite really - but don't tell Flying Monkey Lady... I'll wake up to a bunch of rotten bananas on my doorstep. For more information on this puppet - click here

Flying Monkey Lady: Raised by flying monkeys - you can only assume the unexpected from this special lady. While this flying darling has a huge pension for bananas, she is usually seen delivering trinkets and big laughs to everyone she meets.

This particular paper puppet also is very large too and with way more movable parts than some of the other Crankbunny paper puppet dolls. My favorite part of her is the banana necklace which is sort of a keepsake to her flying monkey elders who raised her. For more information on this paper puppet - click here

Both these puppets are available in my Crankbunny store and Crankbunny Etsy shop. They are limited edition to 50 - titled, numbered, and signed. Both these match the Lady Fish Puppet perfectly too!