Prints are boring! Puzzles are not--

The Pescado Grande Puzzle is the first of a series of puzzles that reference old star constellation maps, nautical sea maps and numbers in the cuban charada (lottery). Number 10 represents a big fish - pescado grande - which in this case is a large Crankbunny.

This puzzle is designed, glued, cut, detailed with ink and subtle glitters, varnished, and handmade by my lovely marshmallow fingers and a crank press called Maxy. Because every puzzle is cut and detailed with additional artistic materials (ink, paint, etc) - each puzzle is unique, special, and no two,three,four,etc are the same. The puzzle when assembled is 9 1/4"w x 7 3/4"h and is packaged unassembled in a decorative paper gift pillow box (also handmade by me).

It looks pretty darn sexy too when easily framed for a unique display of artiness.

*This puzzle can be bought at both the Crankbunny stores now! Click here & here!

**What is this "charada" you speak of?
Charada is a simple numerological system of dream interpretation used for the divination of numbers to play the lottery in Cuba. Numbers from one to one hundred have a name assigned to them; if you dream about a snake you play 21. I am Cuban, therefore these numbers have their own additional meaning for me... that leak always into the stuff I make. To learn more about the numbers in la charada - click here