sneak peak!

I thought it might be fun to give a sneak peak of the next card.

Let Them Eat Cake!
No more trying to shove icing, cake batter, and sprinkles into an envelope!

Its a birthday card! This zanny idea found it's way into my head about wanting to do a birthday card that turned into a piece of cake and I've been giggling to myself ever since.

The card arrives flat inside a fun 6 1/2 inch square envelope. Once the card is taken out - a pulled tab "pops" and transforms the card into a paper 3D slice of cake. The tab get tucked away and keeps the card expanded in its "cake-shape".

The cake card is decorated with traditional icing, a lit birthday candle, lots of sprinkles, and chocolate-vanilla-raspberry filling!

Stuck in this fat-free cake is a fork which when pulled out reveals a smaller note card wedged into some icing. This note card can be removed from the cake, personalized with a special message for that amazing birthday person and placed then back into its fork/icing holder.

Update! This card is now available in both the Etsy shop or the Crankbunny store!