Mykonos by Grandchildren

This blog will rarely (was never suppose to) be about animation, or having to do with the animation part in my life. It's for paper, and scissors, and glue and this hobby that's taken up a portion of my life for the sake of sanity... BUT...

Mykonos from Grandchildren on Vimeo.

I saw something wonderfully refreshing and honest. It struck me so much because something like this is not done in traditional stop-motion anymore. It's always faked digitally(something I'm guilty of) but this wasn't. That's astonishing. It's also beautifully abstract and vague and freeking LONG. Lately, well, maybe I"m just a tad frustrated of commercial work being so thick / literal that my brain, heart, and forming kidney stones yearn to see stuff that's not, but both perfect and unperfect, and still being made for whatever insane reason by the creator. You don't ask questions. It's one of the few things that keeps animation alive... for me.

Here are the details you are probably asking ---

Sean Pecknold "We just spent the last 4 weeks working on this stop-motion music video for Fleet Foxes. Thanks to Chris, Jesse, and Toby for working so hard on it. The timeline was tight so i apologize for any shortfalls, but I hope you enjoy it!"

Music - Fleet Foxes - Mykonos
Director/Animator - Sean Pecknold
Artist/Illustrator - Jesse Brown (
Animation Assistant - Toby Liebowitz (
Animation Assistant - Chris Ando (
Art Director - Sean Pecknold
Produced by Grandchildren

And yes, at 26 I passed some kidney stones... for those wondering.