Metamorphic Trade Cards!

I learn a new name or term for a particular type of card technique - especially antique ones - every week . Apparently "pop-up" cards doesn't cover it all. Also, cards that move and do fun things have been around for a really long time. It's one of my obsessions to procrastinate and research this sort of stuff on the internet.

This week I added "mechanical cards" and "Metamorphic trade card"(?!) to my vocabulary. Mechanical cards is basically the old way of calling something a 'pop-up' card. A search will lead you to float around in google-space (which currently is the 6th dimension) looking at really cool old valentine cards from the 1940s, 30s, victorian age.

Metamorphic trade card sounds like and is a really old term. Trade cards in general are something that were huge back in the day (way back.. like 80+). If you sold anything, there had to had a trading card for it. Cigarettes, tobacco, liquor, the mail, piggy banks, cars, a can of beans... there was a card for it. It was usually small (business card sized) and pretty much took the place of the real object if you were too poor to own it (and that most likely you were). They were beautiful, colorful and an artist was usually allowed to go to town with the design.

Metamorphic trade card was one that would transform/foldout/move or to us futuristic beings in the 21st century - 'pop up'.


If you'd like to know more or see more - go to this site.