Fantastic and tactile!

Paper Puppet Palooza is showing its lovely face all over the real "non" internerd world. Fantastic and tactile! Since I don't really leave my nest because of all that animation and those shop orders that gotta be done (ok that's a lie) - it was nice to see PPP on the shelves. At Barnes n Noble no less! (in florida, seen n captured photologically by my dad hehe)

Only more proof that the book is available for immediate gratification purposes at your local chain bookstore!

People have also been saying lovely things about the writing and instructions found in Paper Puppet Palooza. Dropping science like Galileo dropped the orange - lets kick it!

" this book! Out standing art work and ideas. Very good templates and instructions. Easy to follow and a good jump off place for your own ideas. Great for movable figures to use on cards, altered work, stages, etc and just about any thing you can think up. I scaned the templates on my computer and printed out on heavy paper rather then cut up my book..."
- Very smart and handy in Deerfield, IL

"...Crankbunny's off-beat sense of humor shows on every page of this book. That alone makes it worth purchasing, but the instructions and illustrations are also very clear and clever. Turns out, paper puppet making isn't all that difficult or expensive, but newbies will benefit from the confidence and encouragement this book provides...."
- Totally got it VB.

Feel free to flip through some of the book with Amazon's "Look Inside" feature or Barnes n Nobles "See Inside".