Both shops are now open and stocked!

Both the etsy shop and the regular crankbunny shop are now up, open, running, smoking, stocked and filled with many goodies to atleast oogle at! woo!

**Much excitement also because both shops are selling puppets - which haven't been available since last year 2008. But no longer sadness!

**Shopping policies have also been updated and announced throughout the stores. There are now "rules" and guidelines for refunds, shipping, and most importantly - shipping insurance - which is actually wonderfully affordable using Endicia (and err NOT USPS). Read more below.

Honestly USPS lost way too many packages this Valentine season (... how can you loose all my mail going to San Francisco?). Beyond having to cover the refunds myself, it was absolutely more painful to contact more than just a couple customers to break the news that their packages somehow were lost. It truly sucked. Calls and complaints to USPS directly hit huge Brazil like brick walls and empty robotic verbal 'sowrries' that just don't cut it. I could not stand to just relay it off on to customers.

After some research and asking of fellow sellers, the following was assessed:
-USPS will loose packages and not give a hoot. Fail.
-USPS shipping insurance is expensive and filled with LOTS of paperwork.. and not feasible to add onto shipping charges. Who would buy a 8 dollar card and pay another 4 dollars to get it? I am fully aware of reality... Fail.
-I am not responsible for USPS actions, but can't be a jerk about lost mail. Scratches Head...
-UPS, Fedex, Priority Mail services aren't guarentted services and they cost mucho more! Next.
-Endicia has REALLY cheap shipping insurance that is also easy to use/file. A little more than a buck covers lost and damaged packages up to 100 dollars. Bingo.
-Make adding Endicia insurance easily accessible to my buyers to add. Done - Bingo!

In both the shops - shipping insurance coverage can be bought and added to you cart easily. It's listed as a product and costs:

Within the US - 1.10 USD
Outside the US - 2.10 USD

This flate rate covers up to $100 dollars. Nice.