The Crankbunny Shop (or store)

I will now also be selling novelty paper goods through my official super snazzy Crankbunny Online store. That's right... this new years 2009 resolution was to get a little organized and frantic with all the neat 3D pop up greeting cards and paper puppets being sold.

So here is the official introduction! Tada - The store! The shop!

Website -
Things to know:
-Unlike my Etsy shop, this store will be open all year. I frequently shut down my Etsy shop at random times of the year unexpectedly and mainly because of my fulltime job as an animator. This official shop won't get shut down ever.
-Popup Cards and Paper Puppets don't sell out on this site too.
-Prices are cheaper because this shop is easier to maintain and use for both of us.
-I can sell less "handmade" things like my new book on making paper puppets.