Etsy shop is closed from Jan 26 to Feb 14

Every popup card is cut, glued and put together by hand. I will not be selling anymore cards starting Jan 26th so all orders can get shipped by Feb 1st. I will use that time also to make and restock the cards too.. and find solutions for my newly acquired hand pain. Amazing my scissors didn't emplode at 3am on some random thursday night.

I'm also using that time to get a jump on making some actual puppets! I haven't made one single puppet since last year - ARG! (insert sad clown face)

**All orders for Valentines day have been shipped out too! If you did not get an email from my postage mailing program with details on your shipping - AND - would love to have that information, please feel free to convo or email me or contact me through the official store . Some of those emails have gotten eaten in the internerd or by some meticulous spambot.

The regular store is still open though -