Orchid Pop Up Card preview & sign up

Here are a few peeks that have been floating around my twitter stream about the Orchid pop up cards I've been working on this month. These orchid pop up cards will be available mid-August, late August to ship.

Although this isn't the official "post" for the Orchid popup card series - many people have asked when they will be available and they'd like a little reminder when they are up for sale (or pre-sale even). Please sign up below if you'd like a reminder / email notifying you when they are ready!

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I grew up around orchids - my mother, who is a serious nerd about them and a scientist, has quite a few and a huge green thumb. My favorite as a kid was the orange / yellow ones - I remember at one point begging her to get one at this place called the "Orchid Jungle" in Florida. Although the original plant is gone - she still has seedlings // offsprings from that very original plant she got there.

Her favorites have always been the white ones. They give off a faint perfume in full bloom.

As an adult now I am more into the exotic patterned ones - similar to the pink patterned orchid card at the top of this post.

I got really inspired this year at a flower show of Cuban Orchids that was held at the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. I took lots of pictures. I'll go more into my visit with the official Orchid post later on this month.