Etsy Crankbunny Shop Closed August 14 - Regular Shop stays open!

The Etsy Crankbunny shop - at - will be closed from August 13th to whenever (prob mid Sept or so)! The regular shop will stay open at - so get your cards and magical puppets there!. The regular shop has the new orchid pop up cards available, all the paper puppets and custom pop up cards.

Because I'm gonna go back to working on my film that's been ping-ponging between back-burner and total creative frustration for the last two years. Time to get it done - or atleast half done or closer to finished. It's not easy and the process of animating real puppet shadows is not something you can do quickly. I'll also be working at my regular animation job too until mid October. Whoo(pie)!

Here are a few sneak peak stills from the movie "Soda" and the movie poster for it.