mo' betta horizons

After a nasty time prolonged flu, a heavy animation workload, and my main computer finally kicking the bucket last week (don't worry kids, I got other puters to get by with) .. I can only see spiffy things in the horizon! The weather here is a good sign - it's finally warm. A nice 80F, thank you very much.

To celebrate my 1st real day off - sans work, sans sickness, sans crappy cold weather - I decided to go see Rob Ryan's work up at the Earnest Sewn store in the upper west village here in NYC. His installation/temporary store called Ryantown USA there is only up till May 17th. I am a huge fan (hello duh- its paper and it's cut). It was amazing to see so much of his stuff in one place. It's a totally different experience in person.

These are some pics from my adventure:

*these pictures taken by brian ewing with his amazing camera.

I scored a really nice foldout 2009 calendar that is still knocking my freekin socks off because it is totally awesome and was only 5 dollars!

He uses alot of laser cutting for his mass produced stuff which is pretty much the only way to get those small super tiny iddty bitty cutouts. The installation stuff was cutout by hand. Oh the obsessiveness that I can't help but to adore!

Luxury American denim label, Earnest Sewn, has partnered up with U.K artist, Rob Ryan, to create two installations that will host collaborative work between the brand and the artist. So far, there are limited edition printed t-shirts, bandannas, customized denim patchwork teddy bears and hand embroidered cushions. The installation will come in the form of pop-up stores in two locations, one in New York and the other in London. For the pop-up store in New York situated within Earnest Sewn’s store in the Meat Packing District, Ryan replicated his East London Shop, Ryantown, for a store-within-a-store concept.

Ryan is known for his signature paper-cut pieces and has already worked with companies like Paul Smith and Liberty. The pop-up store was launched on April 2 will be running through May 17, so be sure to drop by and check out the limited edition knick-knacks.

Rob Ryan - etsy store
Rob Ryan - website

Rob Ryan - blog

Earnest Sewn
821 Washington St Map
New York, NY 10014