Pop Up Cookbook?!

The only reason I know how to make pancakes correctly is because of Kenny Shopsin and his book "Eat Me". Until then I was shy and sort of fumbly about it, but I didn't get the book because I wanted to learn how to make freekin pancakes.

See I love NYC alot but honesty I pretty much live here cause of the food and Shopsins is sort of a dietary(triplecorinary)staple here. It's a family restaurant that's changed locations a few times and run by Kenny Shopsin n famila (the 1st and 2nd was featured in the documentary 'I Like Killing Flies' - check your Netflix people!). It's got rules, set ways that are irrationally flexible, amazing food, most people hate it or love it and you can leave if you don't like it... ahhh "the city".

Anyway - Kenny Shopsin put out a cookbook/instructional about his thoughts on food, certain main ingredients, life, and some of menu items in his restaurant. Just a few cause the menu has about 400 items (or something ridiculous like that) and he changes them alot. One of his daughters designed the book (she's an amazing graphic designer) - and KUDOS to her for doing a pop-up book cover and not something boring and plain.

So it's not entirely a pop-up book about recipes with foods and spoons spilling out all over and out the pages (ala Reinhart & Sabuda...seriously though...not a bad idea -Hear that pitch out boyz!) - but the cover is and that counts!

**If you are wondering what that other book is - that's Shadow Puppets & Shadow Play by David Currell which I highly recommend also. See! There's something puppet related too! Be sure to check out the "Look Inside" feature on amazon to get a little noisy inside the book.