Screw the eggs! Now this is easter!

Everytime I look at figurines (ehm not toys!) by the amazing Patience Brewster - I go nuts. She has this beautiful line of oraments, objects, etc that just tap into the stupid 8 yearold head-stuck-in-the-clouds side of me. But honestly, my head is still somewhat stuck up there... especially when my brain needs a retreat from the emails/orders/dishes/animation paper part of life.

Welcome to the magical world of Patience Brewster. Patience Brewster is a gifted and prolific artist, illustrator and calligrapher. Since 2000, she has collaberated with Department 56 to produce the wildly successful Krinkles collection: translating her meticulous pictures and drawings into elaborate dimensional forms. New! Krinkles™ 2008!- a collection brimming with wit and imagination and filled with quirky and endearing characters that are guaranteed to charm and delight.

What's also awesome is some of these are actually affordable for something so hand-painted and special... in the way where you can probably get just one but the hardest part is WHICH *&#^$ ONE?! Oh Boy.

Patience is also really good about talking about her career, work, process, the whole kit-n-kaboodle about illustrating for children's books and then expanding eventually with her own line. One smart inspiring human! Below you can watch her talk briefly about her life and her handmade objects.

You can google Patience Brewster Krinkles to see more pics and where to buy.

Also she sells stuff from her own site since her and her husband now run the show themselves.