Big apologies and clearing off of dust is in order for this dainty little Crankbunny blog.

Since last "blogged" - my shop closed abruptly (was called suddenly to work on a large animation project), Valentines Day passed, I moved, set up a brand new work space in a new location and eventually my shops did open softly for the month of March. Sadly my shop was unable to participate in Valentines Day - which made me sad. It's my favorite holiday for the shop (insert sad clown face...... now).

With the "March Soft Opening" - most of the Crankbunny pop up cards were available for sale in both the Crankbunny Etsy shop & the Crankbunny store. My paper puppets are still unavailable for sale because of time & my troubled relationships with the large printer that sits in a cabinet making friends with some large dust bunnies.

Also each month the Crankbunny shop has been making monthly donations to the FBRN (French Bulldog Rescue Network) and the BTRN (Boston Terrier Rescue Network). Below at the monthly figures just to catch up!

Jan 2011
FBRN $75.00
BTRN $77.00

Feb 2011
FBRN $50.00
BTRN $50.00

March should be up soon as we are not yet done with the month at the time of this post!