November 2010 Pushing Up Daisies!

Time to post the donations made for the Pushing Up Daisies card for November ! Remember that all the sales of the Pushing Up Daisies pop up card go directly to help doggies in need (none of that 15%, 35% nonsense... 100% baby!)... and this month they do so much more!

French Bulldog Pop Up Card raised 35 dollars.
Boston Terrier Pop Up Card raised 59 dollars.

This month also had a special food donation to 3 foster french bulldog doggies in CA called Gunnar, Pippin, Bunnie who are a part of French Bulldog Village - another great French Bulldog rescue in the US and Canada. 48 patties of Lamb BARF raw food was shipped to them (proceeds from the cards will go towards the 2Day shipping in the coming months - but the food came from me as a personal donation to FBVillage). The food will especially benefit Gunnar who is missing a third of his intestine.




If you don't know what BARF is... its not puke, its an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Dog Food -- which is a fancy term for raw meat & veggies that one might feed their dog or cats. BARF is also the name of a company who puts together raw food together (so you don't have to) and there are a few different companies who do this. There are also different raw food models for pets (cats have their own dealio). I'm not gonna get into why one feed their pet raw meat (I do and am way too nerdy about it). It's a touchie subject between vets, owners, breeders, pet food companies who sponsor nutritional pet education, and general public misconceptions (someone once asked me if it was some sort of 'hippie' thing). You can read more about it by click the following links below.

What is a Raw diet?
Dog Eat Dog - What's Inside the Dog Foods We Feed
Raw Feeding - Wikipedia
Difference between RPM (Prey-Model) & BARF & Raw?
The BARF diet

In any case, many dogs sometimes benefit from raw - especially french bulldogs - who are very prone to allergies, farts, sensitive stomachs, skin issues, immune problems and other odd genetic stuff. So, Gunnar will definitely benefit from raw!

Again, remember that the sales of this card go directly accordingly to the FBRN (French Bulldog Rescue Network) and the BTRN (Boston Terrier Rescue Network).