September 2010 Pushing Up Daisies

Its the end of another month -- hello fall! -- and time to tally up the proceeds made from the Pushing Up Daisies pop up card.

Remember that the sales of this card (100% baby!) go directly accordingly to the FBRN (French Bulldog Rescue Network) and the BTRN (Boston Terrier Rescue Network). Both these rescue groups are wonderful but are very strained lately with vet bills and surrendered dogs by owners who can't afford even to feed them anymore.

Boston Terrier Pop Up Card raised 54 dollars.
French Bulldog Pop Up Card raised 85 dollars.**

** This month's proceeds were donated to Ema - A very young frenchie rescue who has a bad heart and in need of some heart surgery to make her life better. Read more about her here -- http://bullmarketfrogs.com/blog/category/french-bulldog-rescue/ema/

I felt for this little pup because I went through a fair share of medical vet heart issues with my late Soda (who was a Boston Terrier - the Pushing Up Daisies card are dedicated / based on her).

If you'd like to purchase a Pushing Up Daisies pop up card, please visit the shop links below!
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