New Years Resolutions.... in April.

Every year I've been able to give myself new years resolutions pretty easily, usually keeping it down to two or three.. This year was a little more difficult because there wasn't really much to "resolute" - aka "Um, I can't think of anything".

So by April - there's now two resolutions for the year:
-learn to make Guacamole (I can stuff, tie, and roast a turkey with my eyes closed... but the tasty deliciousness of Guac is a total #FAIL around here)
-blog more!

There will be more blogging about the nifty shop Crankbunny items, more books that inspire me, crafty tools I use and where to score them, and anything else related to what currently is creatively brewing.

... like ...

the Elvis puppet.

Here is a sneak peek of King (comeback - black leather Elvis). He's gonna move and shake! (mechanics not shown*)