Custom Golden Ticket Valentine Scratch Off Card

It's that time of year again where I get into a big fuss about Valentines Day. It's pretty much the one holiday I feel can be really special and unique... for greeting cards and the lovely people they get sent to.

This years Valentine card makes me giggle because its a huge reference to one of my favorite, most creepiest films ever made - Willy Wonka (the first one, nice try Burton).

That's right - It's a Crankbunny Golden Ticket!

The Golden Ticket is a very lucky scratch off card that reveals a secret message that is customizable ( just like its cousin - the Secret Decoder card ).

You can personalized it with your own message or with one of the snazzy message options below. The message is hidden underneath the golden magical scratch off layer inside the card.

Message A - you've got a one way ticket into my heart! happy valentines day
Message B - love is a lottery & with you i am always a winner
Message C - my love is true, be mine
Message D - happy valentines day!
Message E - my heart belongs to you always - happy anniversary
Message "Custom" - Any personalized message up to around 35 characters! Please enter your message as a note through paypal or contact the shop directly.

This greeting card is 5" by 7"(A7) & has a matching square red sparkle envelope.

Perfect for lottery aficionados, valentines day junkies, anniversaries and anyone with an itchy finger for a surprise (which makes EVERYONE)!

The Golden Ticket is now up for PRESALE for 6.00 Dollars at the Crankbunny shop (for a very short time people!). The card will start shipping Jan 15th!

Click here to purchase the card.