Paypal Woe is Me!

Okay - maybe less woe, but ah Yah YAIH! (::insert frustrated italian grandmother screaming::) Paypal being fussy lately. Why you gotta act like the grouchy bouncer at the club Paypal? Ladies do drink free after 8!

Anyway, to alleviate the frustration and pain some of my lovely Etsy customers are going through to actually pay for their wanted pop up goodies I've come up with a "B" plan.

Plan B is Google Checkout.

With Google Checkout a buyer gets emailed an invoice with the goodies they picked out. Most people would like to use their credit cards and not become another internet member of some other internet club. Highly understandable. Using Google Checkout is easy: Open the email invoice, click the link and then just fill in your dandy CC payment info. Tada!

So its official - Crankbunny now accepts Paypal and Google Checkout!