Special Delivery!

While summer started to settle in nicely I've been putzing away on a new pop up Crankbunny card! Tada! It's a lovely stork card that can be used for all "baby-to-be" & "baby-BING-it's done!" occasions. (Psss it can also be used in other non-baby occasions too... keep on reading...)

We love cards with options! So like the Festive Robot Paper Puppet and the Let Them Eat Cake pop up card - the Special Delivery pop up card allows you to choose what you'd like the storky bird to be carrying. There's the full on gender baby effect, the non-gender baby treatment, the alien baby tentacle sci-fi fanfare, or a simple note card where one can write some special.

The simple note card allows the card to be used for other moments where you wanna make another person feel special. Thinking of you, wedding occasions, saying Thank You, anniversaries, passing on some congratulations and wowing that National Audubon Society member in your family.

The card is designed, cut, and handmade with my tiny little marshmallow fingers. The size of the card is a standard A7 greeting card (5x7in) and comes with a vellum semi translucent envelope.
When ordering the card - just choose which nifty basket version you'd like! Ooo see, simple!

The Special Delivery Card is now being sold in both the shops!. Click here to order the card!