Drastication abound!

See! That's it, please commit yourself to cave woman speak for the rest of this blog post.

Because of all my latest distractions (or drastications as so coined above) - the oh so many things I've been meaning to blog about keep getting pushed into the horizon of the 'to-do' list which now amazingly has its own sublists. Great- Love it when that happens. All of them are very exciting I assure you. One of them though is the latest popup card I've been working on.

Here is a sneak!! I can not disclose the nature of this "bird" related card because that would frankly spoil all the fun. This card will come with fun accessories though - so it can be used for many different occasions (we are big into "multi-purpose" here at Casa Del Crankbunny).

There will also be a new summer puppet on the horizon too. It's going to be part of a Etsy Virtual Labs Craft night in early June - so that means I'll be doing a little tutorial virtually on a special night and supplying a free puppet template with instructions for everyone to have and enjoy! More news to follow (it's on my list)!