Hello Sun!

Daylight savings is upon us and that is great news! During the winter - things get a little ruff when there is about 6 hours of sunlight to be used... and don't get me started on kelvin color temperature and how it's not even really good sunlight.

Winter light is plain weak - it just don't cut it!

In celebration of daylight savings this sat night/sun (and missing my flight thus having to sit around the airport for another.. lets say 8 hours GETTING MY PARTY ON) you can receive a free gift with purchase when placing an order at the Crankbunny shop!

Crankbunny orders over 30 dollars will include a fun Crankbunny Jigsaw Puzzle to put together! Some quick fun to keep around for bored desk slaves and kids - or easily framed for a unique display of artiness.

No airport security threat level Orange to deal with either!