Tony Sarg and his marionettes

Ofcourse somehow neurotic norma (who is a seperate entirely split personality living in my brain... long story, no way of making it short) added into my delicious list an entry about a Tony Sarg book that can be read on google books. For free. How fantastic.

This book is very fun and nerdy to read if you are into anything that deals with puppetry mechanics. And ofcourse I am. I am not a huge fan of actual real marionettes - but I do know how they work and how they are tied (which is one the reason I'm not a fan of them.... all those strings knotting up at a blink of an eye really freek me out). I am a firm believer you can learn alot from things you don't like. Probably alot more than things you do like.

Anyhoozal, Tony himself (read more about him here) included alot of his own secrets in this book.

The Tony Sarg Marionette Book
By Frederick John McIsaac, Anne Stoddard
Published by B.W. Huebsch, inc., 1921
Original from the University of California
Digitized Nov 30, 2007 57 pages