secret decoder valentine greeting card

Crack the secret code of love with a decoder ring pop up greeting card! Just for valentine's day - which is the holiday I'm the biggest sucker for - I've designed and made a new popup 3D interactive doodad card!

The card also allows for a personalized message that gets coded up numerically and gets held inside. This message gets deciphered using the decoder dials within the card. This popup card is 5 by 5 inches square. It comes with a matching square semi-transparent vellum envelope. Each card is designed, cut, coded, and handmade with my marshmallow fingers.

Ideal for any greeting gift card instance where sneaky agents or secret admirers are involved.

*Update: This card caught me by surprise with its demand. Sadly I had to cut off orders for the card Jan 26th and decided only to make 200 of them for the valentine holiday. Each one of my cards get cut, glued and assembled by one set of hands (*those hands being mine*) and by the 150th card.. those hands were in alot of pain.

**A big thank you to everyone that was so patient getting their decoder card too. It's alot to ask folks and adds to meeting any sort of big holiday deadline which always seems to stress me out a bit.

***UPDATE: The card is back on sale in the Crankbunny Store now**